Learn About Agent Finder

Agent Finder provides a very exciting and novel service to agents anywhere in North America.  Unlike most other referral services, we don’t charge a set-up or subscription fee, and we are a licensed, independent brokerage with licensed agents on the phone everyday. Think of us as a ‘brokerage in the cloud’ that hands down qualified referrals to you the agent on the ground.- That’s all we do.
We only receive compensation if our referral converts into a closed sale.  You treat us exactly like a typical referring brokerage at closing, because we are a brokerage, and you’ll be dealing with licensed agents.
What Agent Finder does for You the Agent:
1. We’re Online Search Marketing Experts
We use the latest online marketing technology and tools to target consumers looking to buy or sell a property in your geographic area.  We do this so you don’t have to, you’re busy enough.  As you may know, using online marketing via tools such as Google Adwords® can be complicated, very easy to over-run your budget, and frankly needs to be done continuously to be affective, which is what we do.
We use our proprietary analytics to ensure that we are capturing legitimate buyers and sellers in order to get you high-quality leads.  Our customers will be happy with the ease and quality of our service, therefore more willing to work with you once you get the appointment. 
Spend more time selling and leave the online marketing to us.  It’s really that simple.  
2.  We’re Conversationalists and Validators

We pride ourselves on sending you the best possible leads.  Our core value to you as an agent is the quality of the referrals we send.  We have a four-point validation system: 

1) The lead responds to a specific online call-to-action designed to filter-out non-relevant online consumers; 2) have filled out in its entirety an online form we require, 
2) The lead has filled out, in its entirety, an online form; 4) we have verified their data, are confident in their intentions and matched them up to you the agent based on ‘best-fit’.  
3) The lead has had a direct conversation with one of our licensed representatives, and; 
4) We have verified their data as best as we can by either phone or email
3. We’re Always Free to the Consumers
Agent Finder will always remain free to the consumer and there’s no hidden incentives or contests used to persuade participation. Our referrals are here for one reason: to get help finding a great realtor.
4. We Work Only with Proven Agents
We want to work with you if you:

a) are a full-time, year-round realtor
b) have a fantastic marketing program
c) have a progressive on-line presence (including social media)
d) believe in constant communication, not only clients but with other interested parties (like us!)
e) are the best at what you do

5.  Engaged Agents Only Please.
We require all of our Agents to agree to our Agent Referral Agreement and give regular updates on the leads we send you from first contact, to signing an offer, to closing. The more you communicate with us, the more referrals we will send your way.  
6.  We’ve got Limited Space
As we are taking a finite number of agents per region, please apply today or please contact us at to ask us any specific question not answered here.
Ready to get Started? Remember Agent Finder is a free service whether you're Selling or Buying