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By completing and submitting this form you, as the Receiving Agent, explicitly agree to enter into this Agent Referral Agreement (the “Referral Agreement”) with Agent Finder Inc. (“Agent Finder”) in accordance with the following terms:

1. Representations and Undertakings:

a) You have all of the legal authority to enter into a legally binding agreement.

b) You possess a valid real estate license (a “Licence”) and your are qualified to practice as a real estate professional in the jurisdiction where the properties (the “Properties”) and referrals (the “Referrals”), sent to you by Agent Finder, are located.

c) You will immediately advise Agent Finder in writing should the status of your Licence change at any time during the term of this Agreement.

d) You will respect and comply with all real estate laws and regulations that are applicable to the Properties and Clients.

e) You have appropriate and up-to-date insurance coverage for the type of real estate work you practice.

f) You agree to keep any information you have provided to Agent Finder up-to-date and current.

g) You shall be solely responsible for any information you provide to a Referral.

h) Any support staff who may assist you in providing better service to the Referrals can be involved in the process however you agree to be the agent of record for every Referral sent to you by Agent Finder.

i) You agree not to pass on any Referral to another real estate professional unless said other real estate professional forms part of the Agent Finder Referral Program and you have requested, in writing, Agent Finder’s consent.

2. Referral Fee:

a) You agree to pay Agent Finder a referral fee of 25% of the gross commission you receive from the sale and/or purchase of a property (the “Deal”) made by a person Agent Finder refers to you (the “Referral Fee”).

b) The Referral Fee will be is calculated prior to any payments to your real estate company, broker, or any other party.

c) The Referral Fee will be paid at the closing of the Deal.

d) You agree that if you assist a Referral with the sale of a property and the purchase of another, or vice versa (you assist a Referral with the purchase of a property and the sale of another), you agree to pay the Referral Fee for both transactions to Agent Finder.

e) You agree to assist Agent Finder in recovering payment of any Referral Fee it is owed including to complete and submit any document that may be needed to pay the Referral Fee to Agent Finder.

3. Term:

a) You understand that are free to unilaterally terminate your participation in the Agent Finder Referral Program without prior notice.

b) You agree that Agent Finder may terminate your participation at any time in the Agent Finder Referral Program without prior notice.

c) You agree that either you or Agent Finder may terminate this Agreement however notwithstanding any such termination you expressly agree to pay the Referral Fee relating to any Deals referred to you by Agent Finder prior to the termination date.

d) If you have violated this Agreement, you understand that termination by you or Agent Finder of this Agreement does not absolve or negate your liability for any damages your violation of the Agreement may have caused Agent Finder or a third party.

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