About us

Agent Finder is founded and run by a passionate group of entrepreneurs. We believe that the real estate consumer needs and deserves better online for selling or buying real estate. Likewise, top agents are yearning for better ways to distinguish and promote their superior experience. We bring these two realities together in one nice neat package called Agent Finder.

We are also pioneers. Today, we bring the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity to Agent Finder, which we believe will further revolutionize the online real estate industry. But most importantly, we believe that buying or selling a home should be much easier and less about the agents and all about you: the seller or buyer - this is at the heart of what we do.

Our representatives, the people that put you in touch with great agent, are licensed real estate agents themselves. They understand what you need, they understand how important it is to work with a reputable realtor, and they understand exactly what it takes become a successful agent. This is why you’ll get only the best referrals from our company.

We operate out of multiple locations across North America; with our head office in Ottawa, Ontario.  Brokerage license number is 4782373, we are independently owned and operated and not affiliated with any other real estate companies.  

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